Monthly Archive: August 2017

Do you have problems with the construction of your Home

For most of us, the biggest investment that we ever make is the purchase of our home. It is reasonable to expect our homes to outlast our mortgage payments. The American dream is to own a house. A house should be where many of our good memories are made.

When problems arise with the construction of your home or condominium, it can cost you a heavy financial and emotional toll. Your home, if it has been built in the past ten years, should not have leaking roofs or windows, severely cracked concrete or stucco, or puddles of water in your yard and against your house every time it rains. It should not have mechanical, heating and air conditioning, electrical or plumbing problems. Should you rely on the developer or builder, who made the mistake in the first place, to repair your home? Should you rely on the developer or builder whose primary aim is to do their work as quickly as possible in order to maximize their profit?

Whether you live in a condominium or a single family home, we know that protecting your home and your loved ones is one of your most important concerns, if not the most important concern. Our firm, with its many years of experience in construction defect litigation, is available to provide quality legal advice to homeowner associations and individual homeowners with construction defect concerns. We are also available to provide quality legal advise to owners of commercial buildings with construction defect matters.
construction flaws
We pride ourselves in our integrity, honesty and loyalty to our clients to make sure our clients’ rights are protected. We are always a telephone call away. Conversely, with our years of trial experience, we pride ourselves in our ability to aggressively litigate our clients’ claims against developers and builders who refuse to make necessary repairs.