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AC Services – Repair – Maintenance

LG HVAC offers a wide variety of air conditioning and heating units to meet the needs of various residential and commercial uses. With a priority on quiet products that are efficient and high-quality, LG is one of the industry’s go-to companies for air conditioning and heating needs.

History of the company

LG was originally established in 1958 under the name Goldstar, manufacturing radios, televisions, refrigerators, washing machines and air conditioners. Two companies, Lucky and Goldstar, combined to create LG. In 2007, LG began manufacturing solar panels and showed an interest in more energy-efficient and eco-friendly products. Currently, LG claims to be the number 1 manufacturer of air conditioners in the world and is truly a global player in the HVAC industry. New Braunfels AC Repair here

Products and services
LG HVAC provides numerous products and solutions for climate comfort, including PTAC, thru-the-wall, duct-free, room air conditioners, floor standing and cassette air conditioners, water source heat pumps and multi-v systems. This makes it easy for customers to get the solutions they need, whether for a single home or a multi-tenant unit, or even commercial needs such as supermarkets, restaurants, or other venues.

Technological innovations
LG’s multi-v systems are created for high-rise commercial buildings. The LG multi-v art cool inverter is one of the largest capacity units in the world, providing energy equivalent to 64 horsepower per unit. The systems feature an ultra-efficient VRF system, which reduces energy consumption and allows individuals to save money. The flexible design can operate 64 interior units of different sizes and shapes simultaneously, and the filters purify the air as the system controls the climate, allowing those inside the ultimate comfort.

Embracing sustainability
LG offers some energy-efficient products, but according to numerous tests and sources, not as much as other leading HVAC companies. The company was listed in Greenpeace’s guide to greener electronics in 2010, ranking 14 out of 18. However, Greenpeace has also had an issue with LG using PVC vinyl plastic and brominated flame retardants, though the company committed to eliminating them. Choice magazine found that energy consumption in two refrigerator models was higher than listed by LG. In 2006, LG was required to offer rebates to customers for extra energy costs because five air conditioner models were listed as more efficient than they were.

LG offers training information for customers who want to understand the installation and operation of certain units. Their website offers training videos with frequently asked questions about PTAC installation, split AC installation, PTAC benefits and PTAC noise tests. These videos explain the benefits, installation processes, and most commonly asked questions about these units. Those who are interested can get the information they need from these videos. Though LG may not be as advanced as others regarding sustainability, they are one of the leading companies for air conditioners and heat pumps in the world. Offering a wide range of products, they serve customers’ needs for various projects.

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