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New Zealand Flag Change Sees Little Hope

New Zealand Flag

After nearly a year of postal referendum on whether to change the New Zealand flag from the existing design to replacing the lines with a silver fern. Voting came to an end on Thursday, and the results are likely to be announced on 8.30pm. The results will be confirmed coming Wednesday. The turnout for the voting was 48.78%, and the design of Kyle Lockwood was chosen among the five options. On March 16 in the second referendum, 1.6 million papers reached the Electoral Commission. The number was higher than the first round. If Lockwood’s design is through it will effect in six months’ time.

Death Of A Mother Puts Midwife In Trouble

Midwife In Trouble

In a home birth incident, a deregistered midwife will be charged for the death of a mother. In January 2012, Gaye Demanuele, midwife delivered the second baby for a Melbourne woman at her residence. The mother died of hemorrhage during child birth after rushing to the Austin Hospital. It was later found that the deliver was not properly handled by the midwife that caused the death of the mother. Speaking to the director of public prosecutions Coroner Peter White wanted necessary action against the negligence. An appeal was also made to the Department of Health and Human Services and Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia.

An appeal was submitted to the DPP by the dead mother’s mother. Speaking to the reporter, she said that her daughter was a beautiful person and believed she was in safe hands. She also added that her daughter’s cry for professional help was rejected. Meanwhile, Demanuele and another midwife stated that the mother was placed in a dark room, and it was heard to see even what went wrong. Meanwhile, White also added that she left the baby and the mother in the pool without checking her blood pressure leading to the casualty. He also vented that the regulatory system comes into question keeping the conduct of the midwife in mind.

Ten more bombs in the waiting – Brussels attack

Brussels attack

The explosives specialist said that there were raw materials to make more than ten huge bombs. The hole from where the suspects were picked up before the Zaventem airport attack when raided lead 50kg of explosives made of Triacetone triperoxide (TATP), the similar substance that was used in the Paris attack in November 2015. The material used is reported by Prof Sidney Allford to be a mixture of home kitchen tools and can be easily detonated without the need for special equipment. The assembly was done by a non-chemist he reveals. Also, 15kg of explosives were found in a house in Schaerbeek district.