Monthly Archive: February 2016

Rescue Team On Ben Nevis Recovers Two Bodies

Rescue Team

Two climbers Tim Newton 27 and Rachel Slater 24 were missing since a month on Ben Nevis and the rescue team has recovered two bodies. Both the climbers from Bradford, West Yorkshire, were missing since February 15 after they were reported to have left to scale the highest mountain in Britain. Rescue teams were carrying out search operations; the avalanche risks have dampened the efforts of the rescuers. The Scotland police reported that two bodies, one of a man and the other of a woman were recovered in the area. The families of Rachel and Tim were called for formal identification.

Will Boxing Be Safer In Rio Olympics

Will Boxing Be Safer In Rio Olympics

The safety headgear for boxer was removed in 2013 putting an end to the 31-year-old practice. According to AIBA, the tournaments have passed without any concussions. Julian Bailes, who played the neurosurgeon in the Alec Baldwin Concussion, says that concussions are 50% less since the headgear was removed. During the previous two world championships, very few fights have been stopped. The figure was less than 5% in the year 2015. Also, remember the 2015 championship had stricter qualifications reducing the chance of mismatches. Moreover, the question of concussion came up only in July 2015 after the simulators projected by Andrew McIntosh and Declan Patton.