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Obama To Consider A Visit To Hiroshima States White House


Japan will be hosting the G7 leader summit, and a survivor of Hiroshima nuclear bomb victim urged that Barack Obama should visit the site to witness the horrors of the human misery of nuclear weapons. Meanwhile, Obama during his Cuba visit spoke of a nuclear-free world. The president despite traveling Japan thrice has not visited Hiroshima even once. The speculations are rife about Obama visiting the 2nd world war site before the end of his office according to reports. The Japanese media reported that the US undersecretary of arms control was considering a visit to Hiroshima by the President. Though, it is the president’s discretion to choose the timing.

Rescue Team On Ben Nevis Recovers Two Bodies

Rescue Team

Two climbers Tim Newton 27 and Rachel Slater 24 were missing since a month on Ben Nevis and the rescue team has recovered two bodies. Both the climbers from Bradford, West Yorkshire, were missing since February 15 after they were reported to have left to scale the highest mountain in Britain. Rescue teams were carrying out search operations; the avalanche risks have dampened the efforts of the rescuers. The Scotland police reported that two bodies, one of a man and the other of a woman were recovered in the area. The families of Rachel and Tim were called for formal identification.

Debris Found Near Mozambique Coast May Be From MH370

Mozambique Coast May Be From MH370

During the last four months, debris from the missing plane was being spotted, and the Australian government has affirmed the belief that the remains are from MH370, a Malaysian Airlines. Meanwhile, Darren Chester, the minister for infrastructure and transport said that the pieces from the two pieces recovered in Mozambique are likely to be of the MH370. The pieces were similar to the panels of the 777 aircraft says analysis. Before the Mozambique discovery, the wing part was recovered from the Indian Ocean Island Beach. Chester said that the search has been drifted towards the southern Indian Ocean as similar debris have been located on the eastern cost of Africa and is moving in this direction as per CSIRO reports.