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Exclusive Buyer’s Agent. Don’t Buy a Home Without One!

All Realtors Are Not Alike!

I absolutely love Florida area. My family came here on vacation about 30 years ago……and we’re still here! My parents also moved here…..then my sister, Annette…..then my other sister, Angel and her husband Bill moved here as soon as she retired from her job. The entire area is a wonderful and beautiful place to live. realtors

I have raised my family here. My daughter, Lisa and her husband Chad have two boys, Drew and Christian. They are very active in church activities, soccer and karate. My son Nick and his wife Lori have three beautiful little girls, Jordan, Addison and Elly. My other son, Michael lives in another part of Florida with his wife Jessica and their children, Erin and Isaac, who I miss very much!

My mission is to help you find the Right Home!

At the right price…..and with the right financing! Any investment in real estate here is an investment in the future and in a dream. Whether your goals include buying a new home for your family, your first home, an investment home……or if you’re relocating to the area, I am here to help you.

I always go the extra mile for my clients. I have become an Exclusive Buyer’s Agent because I believe that you can’t represent both the buyer and the seller in a transaction. I want my entire focus on you…..THE BUYER!

With working ONLY for you, I can point out any negative features of the property that you might want to consider in your choice. I can better negotiate to help you get the best price and terms. This is really important to me because I know that this is most likely the largest single purchase of your life.

My Credentials

In 1983, I obtained my Affiliate Broker’s license from the State of Florida. I went on to receive the following designations:

GRI – Graduate – Realtor Institute CRS – Certified Residential Specialist SRES – Senior Real Estate Specialist ABR – Accredited Buyer Representative

I then went on to obtain a Real Estate Broker’s license. I am present the Principal Broker of my firm. I am also a Lifetime Member of the Million Dollar Sales Club. All the time and study involved in these designations enable me to serve you better. home sold

Interior Design

My two year interior design course at O’More College of Design in Franklin, TN enables me to help when you purchase a property that needs some updating or remodeling. This is a service that I am happy to offer to you at no cost. I give you any ideas that I can to make your home a more comfortable place to live. I am also very interested and involved with Natural Healing. I firmly believe that if we give the body the nutrients that it needs… will reward us with good health.

Whether you are ‘newlyweds’ or ‘empty nesters’, serving your needs is my #1 goal!

When Planing Your Move

Keep a detailed log of moving expenses in your notebook. Some may be tax-deductible, so make sure you keep all the receipts.

Changing your address. Remember to notify the post office that you will be moving, and provide them with a new address. It can be done online – click here.

It is important to supply companies with a forwarding address where they can send final invoices. Don’t get yourself surprised with late fees and credit circumstances.local movers San Antonio

Also, it is important to teach your children the new address and phone number. Ask them to write it on every packed box for practice.

Don’t forget small things.

Check the dry cleaners for anything you still need to collect.

Set aside and label keys to give to the new homeowners.

Return any library books, rental videos, or items you may have borrowed from friends or neighbors. Make sure to get back the items once borrowed from you as well.

Utilities. A very important part of your move is disconnection and reconnection of all the utilities. Consult the following tips:

Learn about disconnection rules by calling a utility companies or visiting their websites.

For disconnection or transfer of your utilities contact the companies at least two weeks before the move. It will give them enough time to take final readings of water, gas, and electrical meters. It also will save you from being subjected to any late notification charges.

Settle all the bills that are unsettled before the moving day, and recover all the refunds and deposits.

If you are moving across town, you may be able to transfer your services to your new home. However, if you are moving long distances, you will likely be dealing with a new company that may or may not charge a setup fee. At the same time you could save few bucks by getting a “bundled” television, phone and Internet service from one company.

Water and sewer service can be arranged directly through the appropriate town or city department. The same holds true for garbage pickup and recycling, the cost of which is usually rolled into the property tax moving company san antonio

Make sure your utilities are working until a day after your moving day. You don’t want to get your phone disconnected before the movers come, because they will not show up without confirmation.

Prepare for your journey. If you are planning to drive to your new home, remember to tune up the car to avoid a breakdown on the way. Also, pack a first aid box that will contain bandages, bug spray, sunburn spray, tissues, and medications you or your family will need along the way

If you are flying to your new home, check the flight schedule closely and be sure to factor in the time required to retrieve luggage and travel from the airport. Also make backup plans in case the flight is delayed or you get stuck in traffic. More information for San Antonio Local Movers

Do you have problems with the construction of your Home

For most of us, the biggest investment that we ever make is the purchase of our home. It is reasonable to expect our homes to outlast our mortgage payments. The American dream is to own a house. A house should be where many of our good memories are made.

When problems arise with the construction of your home or condominium, it can cost you a heavy financial and emotional toll. Your home, if it has been built in the past ten years, should not have leaking roofs or windows, severely cracked concrete or stucco, or puddles of water in your yard and against your house every time it rains. It should not have mechanical, heating and air conditioning, electrical or plumbing problems. Should you rely on the developer or builder, who made the mistake in the first place, to repair your home? Should you rely on the developer or builder whose primary aim is to do their work as quickly as possible in order to maximize their profit?

Whether you live in a condominium or a single family home, we know that protecting your home and your loved ones is one of your most important concerns, if not the most important concern. Our firm, with its many years of experience in construction defect litigation, is available to provide quality legal advice to homeowner associations and individual homeowners with construction defect concerns. We are also available to provide quality legal advise to owners of commercial buildings with construction defect matters.
construction flaws
We pride ourselves in our integrity, honesty and loyalty to our clients to make sure our clients’ rights are protected. We are always a telephone call away. Conversely, with our years of trial experience, we pride ourselves in our ability to aggressively litigate our clients’ claims against developers and builders who refuse to make necessary repairs.