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Do you have problems with the construction of your Home

For most of us, the biggest investment that we ever make is the purchase of our home. It is reasonable to expect our homes to outlast our mortgage payments. The American dream is to own a house. A house should be where many of our good memories are made.

When problems arise with the construction of your home or condominium, it can cost you a heavy financial and emotional toll. Your home, if it has been built in the past ten years, should not have leaking roofs or windows, severely cracked concrete or stucco, or puddles of water in your yard and against your house every time it rains. It should not have mechanical, heating and air conditioning, electrical or plumbing problems. Should you rely on the developer or builder, who made the mistake in the first place, to repair your home? Should you rely on the developer or builder whose primary aim is to do their work as quickly as possible in order to maximize their profit?

Whether you live in a condominium or a single family home, we know that protecting your home and your loved ones is one of your most important concerns, if not the most important concern. Our firm, with its many years of experience in construction defect litigation, is available to provide quality legal advice to homeowner associations and individual homeowners with construction defect concerns. We are also available to provide quality legal advise to owners of commercial buildings with construction defect matters.
construction flaws
We pride ourselves in our integrity, honesty and loyalty to our clients to make sure our clients’ rights are protected. We are always a telephone call away. Conversely, with our years of trial experience, we pride ourselves in our ability to aggressively litigate our clients’ claims against developers and builders who refuse to make necessary repairs.

One of the Best Ranking Factors – Article Marketing

One of the Best Ranking Factors – Article Marketing

If there is just one web marketing technique that will never go away then that will probably be article marketing. If you look back in time, you’ll see that article marketing has been around for quite a while. Webmasters and Internet marketers alike have employed article marketing to help increase exposure to their websites and blogs on a really large scale. Article marketing is perhaps the best way to build your brand, get more targeted traffic and raise the amount of long term exposure that you get.Article Marketing -SEO Ranking Factors

How difficult can it be

The real question, then, is this: why are so many article marketers failing? The reason for that is pretty simple: they’re submitting junk and the response they get in return is junk. They are polluting and cluttering the World Wide Web with bad articles. Why would they think this kind of article marketing can actually work? In the article below we talk about three useful article marketing tips that actually work…

The titles you choose are vital. If your articles aren’t getting opened and read, then what’s the use of submitting them? Be careful when you pick titles for your articles. Your approach needs to be targeted and relevant. Steer clear of appearing confusing or mysterious. All this does is make fewer people want to read your articles. Your article titles need to be as clear as you can make them. The work you put into composing good titles is definitely worth it.

Don’t let your article go on for to long without making a point. You’re composing articles for article marketing, not writing a novel. Take the targeted approach and get right to the point. Offer your readers an idea that they can mull even after they start reading. They ought to be able to know what purpose you hope to accomplish in your article by the time they finish the first paragraph. Every single article that you come up with for your marketing campaign needs to be absolutely clear. There shouldn’t be any confusing or fluffy parts. Never forget that the goal of article marketing is to offer your readers instant gratification.Article marketing

Easy Writing and Readability Style wins

When you’re trying to come up with ideas for easy articles (both to write and to read) and that will get a lot of attention, articles that list the steps for something really help you. This is a kind of article that always gets a lot of traffic because people love to read steps and lists. They are looking for these kinds of articles and you can be the one to create them. Most of these articles happen to be instructive in nature. People are always looking for instructions on what to do and where to go. They aren’t looking to figure it all out on their own. So why not put some energy into creating a few steps based articles to include in your marketing campaign? Becoming a successful article marketer is more than just writing and publishing articles online. It’s more about developing a deep understanding of your target audience and then giving them what they want and need. Every single successful article marketer out there understands this. So without learning more about your target audience, you really won’t be able to get anywhere. Try to figure out what your readers need and what kind of solutions they are looking for. Put everything you need to put into your articles so that they will grab your audience’s attention. Slowly and steadily, your article marketing will gain momentum when you know exactly who you are targeting.
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Quilting is my Escape

An inspirational article by my guest blogger – Christine Predd
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Escape in Quilting

Maybe some readers make quilts from patterns and have a little bit of an itch to reach into the art quilt world at the same time. This can be done by thinking a little creatively as you work……..maybe adding a different technique, or just something out of the ordinary to that pattern and making it more your own creation.
Here’s some ways that may work for you to do just that! These are not original ideas by any means, just ideas I’ve gathered along the way.
Sew some of your blocks with the seams facing outward……. quilting
Using rubber stamps and fabric paint, stamp something on some of your blocks……perhaps a flower on a floral quilt, a bird on a blue/green quilt……..ideas are limitless! If you’re making a quilt for your child who always loses thing, how about stencilling on a key?
Phototransfers are always fun…….maybe a transfer of flowers from your own garden in one of the blocks.
Take a photo of another one of your quilts, transfer it to fabric, and cut that fabric into squares or triangles or whatever shape you need and sew it into your work. I’m still thinking about making a quilt for myself containing only images of other quilts I’ve made………..
Insert text as some of the blocks in your quilt……if you’re making a quilt for a friend, and you have a letter from her, scan that letter into the computer, and transfer it to fabric, and you have made your work even more personal.
Use a quilting stencil to make a stenciled design with fabric paints on your quilt.
Want to make your quilt more blendable? When the top is finished, apply a lite dye wash or lite layer of fabric paint to unify it.
Fussy cut motifs from one of the fabrics you’ve used and applique them to the border…….or onto some of the plainer blocks in your quilt.
Use an unusual fabric in your quilt in a few places………..a metallic, or organza…..or anything!
Overlay some areas on your quilt with tulle to create windows that alter the look of the fabric beneath it.
In my quilt called Escape that is posted, I stenciled on the palm tree. I used a shiny blue metallic fabric in some places that I hit with an hot iron………..I admit, by mistake at first……..but then I liked the look that revealed the batting underneath and I applied the hot iron some more. I also used a see through fabric that reveals the batting underneath. Don’t know how successful it all is, I’ll leave that up to you, but it definitely changed the appearance of my quilt.
These are just some ideas I’ve seen and heard about…………try something new!
About Christine
Christine Predd has been quilting since 1986, and began art quilting in 2001. She lives in Indiana half the year, and on Anna Maria Island in Florida the other half. Her blog “Quilting on the Edge” can be viewed at, where she writes regular commentary on her creative experiences, and sometimes makes small quilts to accompany her writings.
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